Cookie Policy

Cookies are used on this website (the “CBM Site”) and the cookies used and the purposes for which they are used are described below. The CBM Site is operated by Change Board Member ApS (“CBM”).

The use of cookies may include the processing of personal data and we therefore recommend that you read our privacy policy as set out in our “Disclaimer

When you use the CBM Site you accept that CBM and the CBM Site use cookies as described below, unless you have altered the settings of your browser to not accept cookies.

What are “cookies”?

Cookies are small pieces of information that a website can place on your computer hard drive, smartphone or any other electronic equipment having a memory function. Cookies contain information that a website can use to improve the communication between you and your browser. The use of cookies is standard on the internet. We can only read the cookies that we have stored on your computer, we cannot receive or read cookies from other websites.

Which cookies do we use and for what purpose?

We use different types of cookies in order to provide you with better and more tailored services when you use the CBM Site. We also use cookies to obtain a basis for optimizing traffic on and between websites.
This information helps us improve the CBM Site content and the complete information can be shared with business partners or third parties.

There are basically two types of cookies: "temporary cookies" and "permanent cookies". The temporary cookies are related to the current visit to the website and are deleted automatically when you close your browser. Permanent cookies will be stored on your computer. Permanent cookies self-delete after a certain period but will be renewed every time you visit the website.

We are not alone in placing cookies on your computer when you visit the CBM Site; on the CBM Site we allow Google Analytics from Google Inc to place cookies on your computer.

The following cookies are used on the CBM Site:

  • Google Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn and Autopilot Pixel (permanent): Tracking cookies from these services are used to understand how the users navigate to the website and for marketing statistics etc. The information is transmitted to the server in anonymous form. Such cookies are stored for everything between thirty minutes and 480 days respectively.
  • Google Analytics (temporary): These cookies increase the validity of the statistics that we register. The cookie is stored till the browser is closed

How to avoid and delete cookies?

You can delete cookies stored on your computer, and/or you can refuse to accept cookies in future. This is done by changing the settings on your browser. Follow the links below if you wish to change the settings. However, if you do so, please note that there may be websites or functions that you are not able to see or use.