Bulgarian Structure

Limited Liability Companies

Pursuant to the Bulgarian Commerce Act a Limited Liability Company must have the following organizational structure:

i. General Meeting of the partners (in Bulgarian: „Общо събрание на съдружниците“) or Sole owner of the capital (in Bulgarian: „Едноличен собственик на капитала“); Managing Director(s) (in Bulgarian: “Управител(и)“); Managerial Agent (in Bulgarian: “Прокурист“).

Joint Stock Companie

Pursuant to the Bulgarian Commerce Act a Joint Stock Company must have one of the following organizational structures:

i. General Meeting of the shareholders (in Bulgarian: „Общо събрание на акционерите“) or Sole owner of the capital (in Bulgarian: „Едноличен собственик на капитала“); Board of Directors (in Bulgarian: Съвет на директорите“); Managerial Agent (in Bulgarian: “Прокурист“); or

ii. General Meeting of the shareholders (in Bulgarian: „Общо събрание на акционерите“) or Sole owner of the capital (in Bulgarian: „Едноличен собственик на капитала“); Supervisory Board (in Bulgarian: Надзорен съвет“) and Executive Board (in Bulgarian: Управителен съвет“); Managerial Agent (in Bulgarian: “Прокурист“).

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