Ecuadorian structure

Limited Liability Companies

Pursuant to the Ecuadorian Companies Act a Limited Liability Company (in Spanish: "Compañía de Responsabilidad Limitada") may have one of the following organizational structures:

  1. One or more Managers (in Spanish: “Administrador con Representación Legal”) and a General Shareholders Meeting (in Spanish: “Junta General de Socios”).
  2. One or more Managers, a General Shareholders Meeting and a Supervisory Board (in Spanish: “Comisión de Vigilancia”).

Stock Companies

Pursuant to the Ecuadorian Companies Act a Stock Company (in Spanish: “Compañía Anónima”) must have the following organizational structure:

  1. One or more Managers, a General Stockholders Meeting (in Spanish: “Junta General de Accionistas”) and a Board of Directors (in Spanish: “Directorio”).

Please see, respectively, “Managers”, “Board of Directors”, “Supervisory Board”, “General Shareholders Meeting” and “General Stockholders Meeting” in the left side menu for a more in-depth description of each structure, including how to change the respective board members.

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