Qatar Structure

Shareholding Companies
Pursuant to the Qatar Commercial Companies Law No. 11 of 2015, a Public Shareholding Company (in Arabic: شركة المساهمة العامة) and a Private Shareholding Company (in Arabic: شركة المساهمة الخاصة) must have the following organizational structure:

  1. A Board of Directors (in Arabic:مجلس الإدارة ) only.

Limited Liability Companies

Pursuant to the Qatar Commercial Companies Law, a Limited Liability Company (in Arabic: الشركة ذات المسؤولية المحدودة) may have one of the following organizational structures:

  1. One or more Managers (in Arabic:المديرون )  only.
  2. One or more Managers and a Control Board (in Arabic: مجلس رقابة).
  3. A Board of Managers and a Control Board.

Please see, respectively, “Board of Directors”, “Manager(s)/Board of Managers”, and “Control Board” in the left side menu for a more in-depth description of each structure, including how to change the respective board members.

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