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Swedish Structure

In Sweden 2 organizational structures exist pursuant to the Swedish Limited Liability Companies Act (in Swedish: “Aktiebolagslagen”):

  1. A Board of Directors (in Swedish: “Styrelse”) and a Managing Director (in Swedish: “verkställande direktör”).
  2. A Board of Directors only.

Generally, 2 types of Limited Liability Companies exist in Sweden. A Limited Liability Company may be a Private Company (in Swedish: “Privat aktiebolag” or “AB”) or a Public Company (in Swedish: “publikt aktiebolag” or “AB (publ)”). A Public Company must have a Board of Directors and a Managing Director while Managing Director is generally optional in Private Companies.

Please see, respectively, “Board of Directors” and “Managing Director” in the left side menu for a more in-depth description of each structure, including how to change the respective board members.

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